What to Expect From Your First Muskegon Dispensary Visit

What to Expect From Your First Muskegon Dispensary Visit

New Michigan cannabis shoppers might feel hesitant to step through the door of a dispensary for the first time. We get it. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful blog. 

Legal cannabis is new to most Michiganders. And unless you’ve visited a dispensary in Colorado, California, or another legal cannabis state, your first dispensary experience might be uncomfortable or intimidating. 

It shouldn’t be. 

Information surrounding strains, product types, effects, dosages – it’s overwhelming to first time Muskegon dispensary shoppers. The best Michigan dispensaries simplify things by using effects-based categories to make selecting the right products for your lifestyle easy (that’s how we’ve organized our products). 

Because, after all, modern cannabis appeals to different generations. There’s a range of products and effects perfectly suited to the way you live. We’ll help you discover new cannabis products and guide your journey, but there are a few things you should know and consider before your first visit.

Here are some details to consider before your first Muskegon dispensary visit.

Define your canna-centric goals.

There are as many cannabis products as there are possible effects. It’s helpful to establish goals before your first Muskegon dispensary visit. Do you want general pain and anxiety relief? Are you struggling with insomnia? Do you want to have a good time, and relax after work with something healthier than a glass of wine? 

Figure out how you want to feel, and our budtenders will guide you to the appropriate cannabis products. It’s that simple. 

Get to know the various cannabis consumption methods.

There are now countless cannabis consumption methods. From inhalation (flower, vapes, dabs) to topical creams and transdermal patches, tinctures to edibles and beverages – the variety of product styles and uses can be overwhelming. We suggest you take time to learn about modern cannabis consumption methods (Google cannabis consumption methods) before your first visit. You’ll feel more relaxed and prepared when you step into our purchasing area.

Bring your state-issued ID or Medical Marijuana Card.

You can’t step through our doors, much less purchase without your state-issued ID or Medical Marijuana Card. It’s Muskegon dispensary shopping 101. Click here to learn about the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program and apply online. 

Please note: you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase legal cannabis from a Michigan dispensary. 

Bring enough cash for your purchase, or prepare to use the ATM.

Our Muskegon dispensary has an ATM on-premises, but most customers prefer to have enough cash-on-hand to visit us without making a trip. 

Federal cannabis prohibition limits Michigan provisioning centers’ ability to accept credit and debit cards since the transactions are federally regulated. You’ll find that many dispensaries in our state operate as cash-only businesses. Banking is tricky for Michigan’s cannabis dispensaries.

Here’s what to expect from your first Muskegon provisioning center visit.

Be patient and relax.

Our goal is to give you the best experience possible. Quickly getting you in and out of our Muskegon dispensary is a part of achieving that goal. But, sometimes you’ll have to take a seat and wait. 

We’ve designed our waiting room with comfort and style in mind. Hanging out before gaining access to our purchasing area is pleasurable – not a necessary chore. Chill out with us and enjoy the experience.

Expect to show your ID or Michigan Medical Marijuana Card.

We already talked about arriving with your state-issued ID or Michigan Medical Marijuana Card, but it’s worth mentioning again. Expect to be asked for your identification upon arrival, and, please, be understanding if we can’t serve you because you’ve forgotten your MMJ Card or ID. 

Arrive with questions, and expect answers. 

We expect and anticipate that you’ll have questions during your first Muskegon dispensary visit. We’re in this business because we love cannabis and believe the humble plant can help you live your best life. If that sounds lofty, well, it is. Our team loves answering your questions; we encourage you to ask everything that’s on your mind. And as our guest, you should expect factual and transparent answers.

Anticipate exceptional customer service.

We want you to have the best first experience in our Michigan dispensaries.  And we’ve designed everything – from our website to this blog, our store design to our hand-selected products – with this goal in mind. 

You should expect to have the best first experience with Timber, and we want to know if you don’t.

We’re here to give you an outstanding first experience.

Providing an outstanding and intimidation-free experience is a Timber guiding principle. Our budtenders are friendly and engaging and know every detail about the products stocked in our Michigan provisioning centers. We’ve also considered all aspects of the in-store experience, from our store’s interior design to our branded merchandise, to the people we hire. 

Our desire to make cannabis approachable, healthy and fun guides your Timber experience.

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