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Timber Cannabis Co.’s Commitment to our Community

Our Culture of Good

We’re committed to supporting the communities that sustain our business.
It’s at the core of who we are. When you shop with Timber, you can feel confident knowing that a portion of your purchase is going back to the community.

Feeding Citizens Experiencing Homelessness (People and Pets)

When we open a new Timber location, we’ll identify a local organization feeding people (and pets) experiencing homelessness. Timber will provide the selected organization with ongoing support to ensure our less-fortunate community members don’t go hungry. If you’d like to nominate an organization for donations in a neighborhood where we do business, please reach out to us at
Feeding our local food-insecure populations is another way for Timber employees to give back to the community!

Addiction Recovery

While we’ve only started to discover all of the medicinal benefits cannabis provides, we know the plant can help many people overcome their drug and alcohol addictions. Timber plans to support organizations providing addiction recovery services in the midwest with a portion of our profits.

Quarterly Grants

Each quarter, Timber employees will nominate a local organization they are passionate about supporting. A small committee will evaluate the employee-selected organizations and their entry form, and the winner will receive a grant from Timber up to $10,000.

Grand Openings

When we open new locations, we’ll identify three local non-profits in the area to support. And since we want the community to guide our giving, we’ll conduct a public vote before each store opening to determine which of the three organizations will receive $8,000 from Timber. No one goes home empty-handed; each runner-up gets $1,000.

Arbor Day

Since our name is connected to Michigan’s lumber industry, we’re going to plant trees in our communities each April.

Doing good feeds our spirit; what feeds yours?

Find out what we’re up to.

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