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Suspended in the Trees

Exceptional care, a relaxed experience, and Michigan’s best cannabis.

Timber Marijuana Dispensary Muskegon

Timber is an expression of our hard-working roots and love for the community. 

We grew up surrounded by open space, where visiting your neighbor for a cup of sugar is the norm, and enjoying good times and laughter at day’s end is the rule. 

And we’ve sown our midwestern values into the seeds of Timber Cannabis Co. provisioning centers. Step away from the grind and relax today, so you can be your best tomorrow.

Pipe with Cannabis and Lighter
Flower of Life

Explore cannabis without intimidation.

Timber’s focus is on experience – not genetics. Our product range is tailored to the way you want to feel. And education is our priority.

Legal cannabis in the midwest is a fresh concept. Most of us came of age during prohibition, and modern marijuana can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. 

We’re here to guide your experience in a comfortable setting, with an approachable product range organized by effects. Just tell us how you want to feel.

Our curated product selection and commitment to quality guarantee a positive experience. We’re not going to overwhelm you with choices, but we are going to guide you to the best cannabis products for the way you live.

Timber feeds your spirit.






Group of People

Our Culture of Good

Timber Cannabis is a community-focused business guided by midwestern values and a commitment to giving back. It’s in our DNA. 

We’re here to connect and support local communities through philanthropic  initiatives and intentional business practices. And we want to introduce the restorative and therapeutic attributes of cannabis to Michigan consumers.

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