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High Minded

Embark on a journey of cannabis excellence with High Minded. Committed to quality, they craft their products in small batches, ensuring every experience is exceptional. From peppery and gassy to fruity and citrusy flavors, High Minded offers a diverse range of strains, each adorned with glistening trichomes.


Treat your taste buds to the market-leading THC gummies from Choice Labs. Their cannabis gummies are meticulously crafted by confectionary chefs in a GMP certified facility. With a wide range of flavors, including cherry and strawberry lemonade, Choice gummies offer both delightful taste and quality.

Breeze canna

Simplify your transition to cannabis vaping with Breeze Canna. Their innovative disposable THC vapes provide hassle-free enjoyment. Indulge in tropical flavors like peach, maui melon, and pina colada, all while enjoying a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.


Experience the flavors of the Pacific Northwest with WYLD. Their cannabis edibles offer a wide range of fruity tastes, including blood orange and marionberry. With enriched potency and quality, WYLD invites you to enhance your adventures with their THC-infused delights.


Discover the world of premium cannabis concentrates with Element. As a multi-award-winning brand, they specialize in live resin concentrates, THCA isolate, and live resin vape cartridges. Element’s products are renowned for their smooth textures and a diverse array of flavors, making them a favorite among enthusiasts.


Jeeter celebrates the cannabis culture through Liquid Diamonds, a groundbreaking concentrate that offers exceptional flavor and aromatic terpenes. Their infused pre-rolls, dusted with kief, provide a sensory delight and cater to both newcomers and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

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