About Timber Cannabis Co.

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Exceptional cannabis and exceptional care.

Timber Cannabis Co. was founded in 2020 to bring quality cannabis to Michigan consumers. We cultivate what we sell, and we only offer what we love. 

We’re here to make it easy for you to purchase and enjoy cannabis, and we’ve eliminated the barriers that keep most people from reaching that goal. 

Our provisioning centers are clean and comfortable, our budtenders friendly, and our products easy to understand.

We’ll simplify your experience with our effects-based product range.


Stimulate your mind and body for a productive day, or whenever you need a little extra motivation. These strains prepare you for mental or physical action – activate and take flight.


Get in the zone. Create, learn, work, or feel inspired by strains that harness your energy and attention. Focus and get the job done.


Reset your anxious brain, or recover from an intense workout or a never-ending meeting, with therapeutic strains that won’t put you to sleep. Restore and move on with your day.


Like a glass of wine after work, but without the risk of a headache. Relax and unwind with strains that take the edge off. Good vibes only.


Stop counting sheep. These strains guarantee restful sleep and a better tomorrow. Quiet your buzzing brain and give your body the rest it deserves.

Why Timber?

Michigan’s relationship with lumber goes back generations. And our state’s connection to cannabis goes back nearly as far. World War II spawned the government’s “Hemp for Victory” campaign, briefly excluding industrial hemp from nationwide cannabis prohibition and allowing midwestern farmers to cultivate hemp for rope and textiles. 

During the 1970s, hemp cultivation was again deemed illegal, along with its psychoactive cannabis counterpart. And cannabis advocates worked tirelessly for decades to end its prohibition. Today we owe a debt of gratitude to the bold marijuana supporters who helped end prohibition in Michigan and elsewhere.

Timber honors the midwestern lumber and cannabis industries of the past and the present. It’s an expression of our hard-working midwestern roots and love for the community.

Suspended in the Trees
Muskegon Michigan