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Welcome to Timber’s Sturgis dispensary! Conveniently located near Kirsch Municipal Airport, our dispensary makes cannabis accessible for folks throughout Meade County, MI, and LaGrange County, IN. Whether you’re a Michigander from Sturgis, Burr Oak, Nottawa, Centreville, Colon, Constantine, White Pigeon, Bronson, or Mendon; or a Hoosier from Howe, Mongo, Shipshewana, Lagrange, Three Rivers, or beyond– we invite you to explore our cannabis store in Sturgis.


Timber Cannabis Co.’s Sturgis dispensary is less than 10 minutes from the Indiana border! Situated half a mile north of the intersection of MI-66 & US-12, our cannabis store in Sturgis is easy to get to from any direction.


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Popular THC Products in Sturgis

Explore the unique Timber experience at our Sturgis dispensary, where you’ll find a carefully curated selection of top-tier cannabis products. Renowned for its diversity, the Sturgis dispensary menu at Timber highlights the finest recreational marijuana in Michigan. From premium flower and pre-rolls to enticing edibles, potent vapes & carts, concentrates, topicals, CBD items, and more – our cannabis store in Sturgis provides a wide array of options.


In need of recommendations? Here are some of our best-selling products:

Premium Michigan Cannabis Flower

Discover the extensive assortment of exceptional cannabis strains available at Timber’s Sturgis dispensary! Our flower collection showcases high-quality options meticulously sourced from leading cultivators across Michigan. Whether you prefer sativa, indica, & hybrid strains or infused bud, you can trust that Timber offers a varied selection to satisfy your individual preferences.


Timber’s extensive variety of weed strains solidifies our position as the premier cannabis store in Sturgis! We proudly offer a diverse selection of Michigan’s finest marijuana strains, celebrated for their robust cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Select from popular cultivars such as Blue Dream, Bubble Berry, GMO x Eastside, Gusher Mintz, Zookies, and many others.


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Pure Cannabis Edibles in Michigan

If smoking isn’t your preferred way to enjoy cannabis, treat yourself to the delicious range of cannabis edibles at our Timber dispensary in Sturgis! We’re dedicated to providing a diverse selection of edibles sourced from Michigan’s top weed brands, including tempting chocolates, gummies, baked goods, drinks, sublingual products, and more.


Timber offers a wide range of top-quality cannabis edibles in Michigan at our Sturgis dispensary. Our diverse selection of delicious and potent options is sourced from reputable Michigan cannabis brands like Cannalicious Labs, Charlotte’s Web, Choice, Detroit Edibles, Dream, Five, Fresh Coast Extracts, High Minded Creations, MKX Oil Co., UBaked, Wyld Edibles Michigan, and lots more!


Buy cannabis edibles in Michigan for convenient pickup at Timber’s Sturgis dispensary!

Quality CBD Oil in Sturgis

Explore the advantages of cannabis without the high! Browse our comprehensive selection of CBD products at our Sturgis dispensary. CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety potential, with no impairment.


At Timber’s cannabis store in Sturgis, you’ll find a diverse range of CBD products. We offer comforting options like CBD gummies, CBD ointments, CBD oil, CBD for pets, CBD bath bombs, and other therapeutic full-spectrum products.


Shop for CBD products from the comfort of your home for easy pickup at our Sturgis dispensary!

Timber dispensary in Sturgis, Michigan

Timber Cannabis: Top-Rated Sturgis Dispensary!

At Timber’s cannabis store in Sturgis, our aim is to offer personalized, attentive service to each customer we assist. The budtenders at our Sturgis dispensary are knowledgeable, approachable, and devoted to providing you with a thorough understanding of cannabis while aiding you in finding the ideal product for your needs. Whether you’re a novice to cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur, Timber is dedicated to guiding you toward your best options.


Timber proudly offers premium products from Michigan’s top weed brands. The wide-ranging selection at our cannabis store in Sturgis features well-known names like Breeze Chill, Cali Blaze, Cannalicious Labs, Choice, Crude Boys, Drip, Element, Glorious Cannabis Company, Jeeter, Mary’s Medicinals, Mitten Extracts, Platinum Vape, Society C, Wyld, and dozens of others!


From infused pre-rolls to live resin vape cartridges, we provide the latest and most potent THC products in Sturgis, all carefully selected to uphold the highest standards.


Discover the best that nature has to offer at Timber’s Sturgis dispensary! We stock:



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The Best Dispensary Deals in Sturgis Are at Timber!

Explore the best prices on top-quality Michigan weed at Timber’s cannabis store in Sturgis. To enhance your savings, don’t miss our daily cannabis specials. Remember to also sign up for Timber rewards to enjoy exclusive perks!


Download the Timber app today to start earning points with each purchase ($1 = 1 point). You can also choose to subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive subscriber-only flash sales and double-point offers for added rewards!


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  • 300 points = Penny pre-roll + Timber lighter
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  • 850 points = $50 off + Timber shirt
  • 2000 points = $200 off!


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FAQ: Areas Served by Our Sturgis Dispensary

Yes! Situated only a brief 7-minute drive from the Sturgis Hospital, our cannabis store in Sturgis provides unparalleled convenience for hospital patients and visitors.

Indeed! Timber is close to lots of lakes, and sits less than 10 minutes away from both Thompson Lake and Klinger Lake. Swing by our Sturgis dispensary to stock up for your lake day!

Timber Cannabis Co. is conveniently located near a few Sturgis parks! Two of our favorites are Trojan Timbers Park and Plumb Lake County Park, both just 6 minutes from our cannabis store in Sturgis.

Absolutely! The events and activities at Rouch World and the Rouch Off-Road Vehicle Park are just a short 8-minute drive north of our cannabis store in Sturgis.

Yes! There are a few captivating museums near our cannabis store in Sturgis. The Sturgis Historical Museum is the closest, just a 2-minute drive from Timber.

No, Timber Cannabis Co. is not located in Indiana, but it is extremely close! Remember that cannabis sales, use, and possession are illegal in Indiana, so be sure to consume any purchases from our cannabis store in Sturgis before heading back over the border.

Visit Timber Cannabis Co.’s Sturgis Dispensary Today!

At Timber Cannabis Co. Dispensary Sturgis, we prioritize providing top-tier weed strains, edibles, vapes, and more– always accompanied by our above-and-beyond customer service. Our premium products and knowledgeable team make us the best cannabis store in Sturgis!


Timber is dedicated to offering the finest recreational marijuana in Michigan. Explore our exceptional flower and THC products in Sturgis! Whether you visit us in-store or choose to order online for pickup, we’re excited to serve you.

Timber Cannabis: Sturgis Dispensary Reviews

At Timber Cannabis Co., our dedication to providing 5-star service is evident in our Google reviews! Take a look at these positive customer testimonials:

“One of my favorite stores Ever!! Love their products and love their deals love the little perks!! 10/10 recommend everyday!! Shout out to Madison Y. my budtender, she’s always great and full of smiles. Thanks for the help with all our questions!” -Amber “Shädøw” Bradley


“Desi has been delightful every time that I come in here! Very professional, and just a ball of joy every time! Make sure to see what day she’s working if you want. Great service!” -Paige Milliman


“Friendly staff who were very helpful. Budtender (Madison) repeated the order back, double checking everything was accurate. She made sure all discounts matched my online order price. Order was ready for pick up in a timely matter with no delays. Thank you all for a wonderful experience. Will be back and highly recommend” -Carrie Chow

“Sha was super helpful and inviting. This was my first time at timber and I will definitely be back thanks to the amazing service provided.” -Lorena Gonzales


“Our first time tonight. We had a great time. Daniel was our man he was super cool. Showed me what I asked. Was informative with new items I was interested in too. We’ll be back.” -Leah C


“I stopped in and had the pleasure of meeting Alea and Sha who were both absolutely amazing! I am an Element fan and they have the best price in town and staff that is amazing! Well worth the stop if you’re in the area!” -Neil Pagels


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