5 Things to do in Michigan on 4/20

Rolling tray with Grav bowl and grinder. Text "5 things to do in Michigan on 4/20"

5 Things to do in Michigan on 4/20


Rolling tray with Grav bowl and grinder. Text "5 things to do in Michigan on 4/20"

Welcome to April, also known as National Cannabis Awareness Month! The weather is warming up, and we’re gearing up for a great month full of springtime greenery, including the highest of all holidays, 4/20. There are so many great ways to celebrate marijuana on 4/20 that it can be hard to choose – but we’ve got you covered. Read on for your ultimate guide to all the best ways to celebrate our favorite day of the year.


Celebrate With Free Weed at Timber

Stop by your local Timber Provisioning Center for everything you need for 4/20. Our friendly budtenders will be celebrating the reason for the season with dank deals, giveaways, and more! Timber stores are hooking up the first 300 people to spend $125+ on 4/20 with a THC product bundle (worth $100) for just one penny! Plus $8 eighths, free limited edition t-shirts and swag bags, snacks for munchies, and 30% off everything. Come stock up and light up!


Grand Rapids Lantern Festival 

Speaking of lighting up, if you’re in the Grand Rapids area (or looking for a fun day trip), catch the Lantern Festival at the John Ball Zoo! The festival features handcrafted Asian lantern displays that will illuminate the zoo and tell the intersecting story of wildlife and Asian culture. There’s a reason lava lamps and stoners go hand in hand. There’s nothing like enjoying beautiful art and lights while you’re flying high. Pro-tip, bring your headphones and your best stoner playlist to listen to while you explore. The vibes? Immaculate. Grab a ticket, pack a bowl, and enjoy experiencing this colorful and interactive installation.


Watch Weed Movies

One of the most classic ways to celebrate 4/20 is by getting suuuuuper high on your couch and watching or re-watching your favorite stoner cinema – alone or with friends! Pop some popcorn, order a pizza, surround yourself with snacks, drinks, and smoke, and settle in for a movie marathon. Our shortlist of best bud flicks includes: Dazed and Confused, Pineapple Express, The Big Lebowski, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Reefer Madness, and of course, anything with Cheech and Chong.


Spend Some Time with Mother Earth

As spring arrives and the weather starts to warm up, we’re thinking more and more about spending time outside. No matter where in Michigan you live, chances are you’ll find yourself close to a number of beautiful lakes, streams, forests, and waterfalls. This 4/20, smoke some green and soak up some nature views! We recommend a leisurely walk, hike, or day of fishing where you can bask in the beauty of nature while still having a chill time. Take a deep breath and enjoy!


Try a New Recipe

You’ve heard of wake and bake, now get ready for: bake and bake! 4/20 is a great time to test out that DIY edibles recipe you’ve been meaning to try. It’s the perfect 4/20 adventure to embark on solo, or with a partner or friend. From brownies to grilled cheese to pizza, you can make almost anything into an edible. We recommend starting with a recipe for cannabutter, which can then be used in place of regular butter for whatever your high little heart desires! Pro-tip: Don’t forget to decarboxylate (heat) your bud to properly activate the THC.

Need a recommendation on the best strains, snacks, or methods of consumption?

Swing by your local Timber Cannabis Co. Provisioning Center to consult with our friendly budtenders on how to enjoy your 4/20 to the fullest.