5 Winter Activities Michiganders Love To Do While High

Girl outside in snow.

5 Winter Activities Michiganders Love To Do While High


Girl outside in snow.

One of our favorite things about weed is that it can really enhance all sorts of experiences. We are always discovering new activities, hobbies, and social situations that are elevated by bud. As the temperature drops and the snow starts to accumulate, we’re thinking about all of the best things to do while high during winter time in Michigan. Here’s a list of our favorites for this upcoming winter season. All of these activities would work alone or with a friend or two, so take a hit and try them out!

Michigan Munchies

Option number one: seek out Michigan’s best munchies! Nothing is more satisfying than a beautiful meal (or a hodgepodge platter of assorted snacks, for that matter) when you’re extra stoned. Our diverse state offers so much in the way of good food, from Detroit-style pizza, to locally caught whitefish, to olive burgers, to pasties, to a variety of cuisines from all around the world. Grab a friend, head to that restaurant you have been meaning to try, order a smorgasbord, and vote on which foods are the best. Bonus points if you visit a casino buffet!

Get Some Air

There’s no doubt about it, Michigan is beautiful year-round. With our plethora of lakes, streams, forests, and waterfalls, there is so much incredible nature to take in all across the state. While dog sledding, skiing, and snowboarding may be a little much (and a little dangerous) for a heavy high, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy nature and cannabis together. For example, Michigan is a great place to hike or ice-fish in the winter! Ice fishing is a time-honored sport and Michigan boasts more than 150 species of fish, including perch, northern pike, walleye, and trout, which can be caught through the ice! There is certainly no shortage of gorgeous hiking spots in the state. We recommend finding one that’s relatively simple or close to beginner-level so you don’t have to worry about getting tired or exerting too much energy. It’s all about the vibes and the views!

Make Fish Friends

The general consensus among stoners is that being high at an aquarium is a deeply transcendent experience. When the cold outside gets a little too cold and you find yourself dreaming of a tropical vacation, spend some high time with tropical fish instead! The key is finding the aquarium in your area with the chillest vibe, and giving yourself plenty of time to explore. We recommend doing this on a weekday or off-time to avoid crowds and ensure a good, calming time. It’s like getting high and watching Animal Planet, but in public! Not into sea creatures? Try a planetarium or zoo.

See Some Art

Art museums were practically made for those days when the weather drives Michiganders inside! Luckily, there are fantastic art museums all around the state, (as well as some great history museums, if that’s more your thing). On a particularly chilly or gloomy day, smoke some weed and pay a visit to your local art museum. Museums are perfect for wandering and pondering while lost in a buzzy high. They tend to be quiet and spacious, with plenty of different exhibits to explore and lose yourself in. Zoning out on a bench while staring at art for 10 whole minutes? Very normal behavior in an art museum. It’s a great space for finding introspection or inspiration on a stormy day.

Make Your Own Art

Snow sculpting, anyone? We are big fans of any and all cannabis crafts. This winter, try your hand at crafting an epic snowman, snow angel, or igloo while stoned as hell. Making art with snow is the perfect way to enjoy a focused, creative high during the winter. It’s tactile, low stakes, engaging, and often hilarious – the perfect combination for Michiganders who love a stoney sativa adventure. Celebrate your masterpiece with a cup of warm cocoa and another bowl of bud.

Not sure what weed pairs best with what activity? Stop by your local Timber Cannabis Co. provisioning center for a custom recommendation from our friendly budtenders on how to enjoy every experience to the fullest.