Giving Thanks for Weed

Timber November Bundle Graphic

Giving Thanks for Weed


Timber November Bundle Graphic

This November, we are giving thanks for weed! It does so much for us and for so many. This year alone, weed has helped us raise money for our communities, navigate cancer treatment, open new stores, and launch a sister business. It helped us celebrate the highs, helped us cope with the lows, helped us take care of ourselves, and helped us have fun. We’re saying thank you to weed and thank you to YOU for all of your support with a bundle full of fresh, dank flower and up to $40 in savings!


Three 1/8ths of High Minded

One of the biggest things we are thankful for this year is our new sister business, High Minded Cannabis Co. and their incredible bud! Based here in Michigan, High Minded grows OG classics, innovative new cultivars, and even a few rare specialty strains that you can’t find anywhere else. Our November bundle includes three eighths of any High Minded Cannabis strains so you can mix and match. This month, we’re vibing with: 


Blue Dream

Blue Dream is an activating, sativa-dominant hybrid that produces cerebral stimulation and full body relaxation. A fan favorite, Blue Dream smells and tastes like blueberry pie with a sweetness that lingers on the tongue. It produces a happy, creative cerebral rush, followed by a hazy calm, and is also known for its pain relieving qualities. Blue Dream is a staple, great for daytime socializing, going out, or any time you need a pick-me-up. 


Crush OG

Try Crush OG, named for our Marketing Director, Chivonne Rush, who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. Crush OG is the perfect stress relieving and anti-inflammatory blend that keeps you alert, motivated, and feeling good. Throughout her journey to crush cancer, Chivonne found solace in this core High Minded strain, aka Zookies, whether she was chilling on the couch watching Super Troopers or leaving everyone in the wake of her paddleboard.


Tenzin Kush

Tenzin Kush is a highly sought after indica dominant strain, with thick, frosty, purple and green buds and a rich terpene profile. It has a gassy aroma and flavor notes of florals and fuel that fade into a cooling grape menthol for a refreshing finish. Tenzin Kush provides a dreamy, happy, relaxed, and euphoric high. 


One 1/8th of Root Weaver Pirate Cake

Pirate Cake is a rare indica dominant cross between Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. It is very fragrant, with an earthy, pine-forward aroma with citrus notes. The smoke itself is sweeter, with a fruity, buttery, vanilla taste. With its relaxed euphoria and tingly body high, Pirate Cake is great for unwinding after a stressful day or managing anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. 


Two High Minded Pre-Rolls

Traveling this November? We’ve got you covered. This month’s bundle features any two High Minded pre-rolls for convenient toking on the go. Each one has a paper cone and convenient filter for a smooth smoke, no rolling required. Here are our pre-roll picks for this month:



Pancakes is a balanced hybrid that leans towards indica, with a creamy, nutty, berry flavor and the aroma of fresh flapjacks. Smooth and blissful, Pancakes is a versatile, soothing strain that’s perfect for hybrid lovers looking for a clear-headed, creative euphoria and head to toe relaxation. The high is a slow build, working its way through the body and mind to remedy stress, inflammation, depression, and fatigue.



Rittlez is a rare cross between two powerhouse parents, Rozay and Zkittlez. With its combination of creamy floral notes and a candy exhale, Rittlez is sweet, aromatic, and reminiscent of Flintstone vitamins. The result is a chill, deeply relaxing high perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day or soothing sore muscles. 


As always, Timber Cannabis Co. donates 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to local charities or nonprofits. Each dispensary location selects where they would like to donate every month. Check in with your local Timber budtenders for information on who your dollars are supporting this November!


Good deal. Good weed. Good for the community. Pick up a Timber November Bundle at any of our locations, and give thanks for weed!