Happy National Dab Day! What is the History of 7/10?

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Happy National Dab Day! What is the History of 7/10?

You’ve almost certainly heard of the biggest international stoner holiday, 4/20, but have you heard of 7/10? Also known as “Dab Day,” July 10th is the most recent addition to the cannabis calendar, celebrating all things cannabis concentrate, including oils, shatter, butter, sauce, crumble, and more. Why is 7/10 dab day? Read on to find out, and for details on our 7/10 deals!

The Grateful Dead resided at 710 Ashbury St. in the sixties. Coincidence? Probably

Why is 7/10 Dab Day?

So what does 710 mean? Allegedly named for the fact that 710 spells OIL when upside down, the exact origins of the holiday and movement are murky. There are several different origin stories, but they are difficult to verify. 


The History of 710

One such story is related to the Grateful Dead, a band whose work and following is closely associated with marijuana. In the 1960s, the band had a communal residence and office in San Francisco that was known as a counterculture mecca to many. It was located at 710 Ashbury Street, leading some to hypothesize that the name 710 is in reference to the space, or at least a cool coincidence.

A second theory cites that 710 first appeared online in reference to oil on Urban Dictionary in 2007. The Urban Dictionary entry refers to a joke in which a blonde enters a body shop, panicked that her 710 cap had fallen out of her car – the joke being that she had the oil cap upside down. This joke is likely a lot older than 2007, but 710 began appearing in online cannabis forums around this same time.

The most prominent and most likely origin story for 710 attributes the term to rapper and cannabis enthusiast Taskrok of Task & Linus. In 2011, TaskRok released an album featuring multiple references to dabbing, shatter, and cannabis concentrates with 710-friendly songs such as 7:10 and Boil That Oil. When asked about it, Taskrok doesn’t deny his role in popularizing the term, but avoids taking full credit, saying “it belongs to the community now.”

Cannabis concentrates come in all kinds of different consistencies, such as this sugar wax

Modern-Day 710: Dab Day

The growing awareness of 710 as a term can be traced in large part to a 2013 LA Weekly article, calling 710 “the new 420.” That same year, the cannabis community had its first formal 710 Cup in Denver on July 10th, 2013.

As more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana, concentrates continue to rise in popularity at an impressive rate. After legalization in Washington and Colorado in 2012, the states introduced regulations against using toxic and flammable solvents. This led to concentrates getting a boost in quality, safety, and thus popularity.

So what is the real difference between 4/20 and 7/10? While 420 celebrates any and all marijuana, 710 (dab day) focuses specifically on concentrates, oil, extracts, and dabs. Concentrates are a category of cannabis products that have highly concentrated THC and can be used to make vapes, topicals, edibles, and more.


Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

Today, you can find a wide variety of safe and potent concentrates anywhere you can find legal cannabis. Cannabis concentrate is known by many different names,  including resin, rosin, batter/badder, sauce, bubble hash, and RSO (Rick Simpson oil), among others. The naming/classification of concentrates depends upon their extraction method and consistency–learn more about concentrates in this blog!

Many stoners prefer concentrates to smoking flower, due to its potency, quick onset, terpene-forward flavors, and vapor which is often less harsh than smoke. While cannabis flower generally contains 15-25% THC, concentrates are often in the 60-90% range, making them incredibly potent and a great value.

How will you celebrate National Dab Day? Not with this kind of dabbing

Celebrate 7/10 with Timber Cannabis Co.

Several events and organizations have begun celebrating the holiday annually across the country. In addition to being an important day for advocacy and the cannabis community at large, July 10th is now the third-largest cannabis shopping day of the year, and the #1 day  for concentrate purchases. 

 We’re not sure anything will ever replace 420, but you won’t catch us complaining about more reasons to celebrate weed. Want to join in on the fun? Check out our 710-friendly Timber deals below!

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