Liberty and Cannabis for All

Timber Cannabis Co. July Monthly Bundle

Liberty and Cannabis for All

Timber Cannabis Co. July Monthly Bundle

Welcome to July, where we celebrate the founding of this country and our Independence from Great Britain. Did you know that cannabis has been a part of America since the beginning? Hemp seeds were brought over in the early 1600s for use in textiles and parchment. While the Declaration of Independence was created from animal skins, two earlier drafts of the document were written on hemp parchment. Plus, most of the earliest American flags were made from hemp-based fabric. Many of the founding fathers grew hemp, and although there is no known documentation about whether or not they smoked it, we’re still going to make a bunch of Benjamin Danklin jokes just in case. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Fourth of Jul-high, read on for details on this month’s bundle!

3 High Minded 1/8ths

We’re celebrating the season with 3 mix and match 1/8ths from our sister company, High Minded Cannabis Co. Locally based and cultivated with care, their skilled team of experts uses precision farming to produce some of the best quality bud in the Midwest. High Minded has a variety of strains that will have you seeing stars and stripes. Feeling fancy? Try whipping up some canna-butter and baking it into an apple pie. Strain availability may vary per store, but we suggest trying one of these:

Purple Guava

Purple Guava is a stress relieving 50/50 strain great for any hybrid lover looking for a sense of ease and focus. Sweet and spicy, Purple Guava combines notes of tropical fruits with a gassy, herbal quality. This bud gives you energy and motivation without anxiety, and is perfect for a mindful walk, socializing with friends, or adding a boost to your workday. 

Nuck Nucks

Nuck Nucks is a pure indica with Hawaiian origins, and a rich hashy, earthy, spicy flavor. Sure to lift your spirits, Nuck Nucks boasts a high that is relaxed yet energetic, chill but euphoric. A quintessentially chill indica, it’s great for pain relief, relaxation, or a mood boost.

Georgia Peach Pie

Georgia Peach Pie is a potent hybrid known for its peaches and cream flavor and vibrant yet pacifying effects. It’s a versatile hybrid, best for those with a high tolerance who are looking for a focused, artistic high or a little help with housework. Georgia Peach Pie keeps you calm, creative, and focused, through a sophisticated high that leaves you lifted, relaxed, and craving cobbler. 


2 packages of Ripple

This month’s bundle also includes two packs of 100mg Ripple Quicksticks! Ripple Quicksticks are a convenient, tasty, and nostalgic way to enjoy cannabis wherever you are. Ripple Quicksticks are the adult version of those candy sticks full of colorful flavored sugar. Just pour the stick directly on your tongue, wait 10 minutes, and enjoy! Ripple products are clinically proven to enter the bloodstream in 10 minutes or less. Ripple uses water-soluble distillates for smooth, consistent, and fast-acting edibles every time. They’re quick, potent, and portable, and isn’t that the American Dream?


2 Pre-rolls

It’s an American tradition. Independence Day is about lighting up – whether that’s fireworks, sparklers, or a magnificent pre-rolled joint. Barbecues are always more fun with a buzz, and watching fireworks while high? That’s what freedom is all about. As with many of our bundles, we’re including two pre-rolls so you’ve always got bud in your back pocket. They are perfect for smoking on the go, sharing with friends, or for trying a new strain out before committing to a full eighth. Keep the good times rolling without having to stop to roll your own. 


1 Timber Koozie

Don’t forget to hydrate! With July comes warmer weather, which means keeping drinks cold is even more of a challenge. That’s why we’re throwing in a Timber koozie to keep your beverage crisp while you party on.



As always, Timber Cannabis Co. donates 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to local charities or nonprofits. Each dispensary location selects where they would like to donate every month. Check in with your local Timber budtenders for information on who your dollars are supporting this July, and let weedom ring.