New Year, New Weed

Timber Cannabis Co January Wellness Bundle

New Year, New Weed

Timber Cannabis Co January Wellness Bundle

Cheers to the New Year! We are so excited for 2022 and the fresh start (and fresh locations!) that it brings. There’s no better time to focus on wellness and give yourself time to recuperate after the stress of the holiday season. Plus this bundle will save you $27 – a bargain that’s sure to fit into your New Year’s bud budget. Whether your wellness goals are focused on physical health, mental health, or both, our January self care bundle has everything you need to start the year off right. Read on to learn more about what we have in store for this month!


2 House Pre-Rolls

Our high quality, convenient house pre-rolls are the perfect way to unwind after a long day of work as you ease back into your routine after the holidays. Each pre-roll is rolled with care by our expert budtenders, packed perfectly and ready to light up whenever the mood strikes. Great for smoking alone or sharing, our pre-rolls contain a filter and paper cone filled with local cannabis so you don’t have to worry about grinding or rolling while you settle back into the daily grind of the new year. 


1 Select 1:1 Cartridge with Battery

Sometimes self care is just taking the edge off of a Monday Zoom call or a trip to the dry cleaners. This 1:1 Vape Cartridge has equal parts THC and CBD, providing a gentle, mood-boosting high with all the medicinal benefits of CBD. Perfect for providing a subtle calm to help you tackle your inbox, this discreet and easy to use 1:1 is the best of both worlds, keeping you balanced, focused, and relaxed as you ease into the New Year.


1 CBD Bath Bomb

Nothing says self care like a warm, relaxing bath. Help your muscles recover from your first time back at the gym this year, or just enjoy a restorative evening in the tub with a soothing, phytonutrient-rich CBD bath bomb. Made from naturally derived minerals and aromatic essential oils, these dreamy bath bombs will clear your mind, elevate your mood, and soothe your muscles. Pairs well with a pre-roll and a playlist or podcast. In 2022, tub-lock is the new couch-lock.


1 Select Squeeze & Water Bottle

Participating in Dry January doesn’t mean you can’t have a High January. Select Squeeze is a fast-acting, THC beverage enhancer that’s great in seltzer, soda pop, smoothies, and more! With 5 mg of THC per squeeze, you can add as much or as little as you’d like to any drink for a quick pick-me-up, any time of day or night. If you’re missing your usual glass of wine in that luxurious CBD bath, check out the Select Squeeze website for a variety of THC infused mocktail recipes to try instead. You’ll also receive a free Select water bottle with the purchase of our January bundle so you can take your THC on the go and stick to that resolution about staying hydrated.


Not only do we believe in self care, but we are big advocates of community care as well. Each month we donate 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to a local charity or nonprofit organization. Each dispensary location selects where they would like to donate every month. Check in with your local Timber budtenders at our Muskegon, Allegan, or brand new Big Rapids location for information on who your dollars are supporting this January.