Toking and Tailgating 2022

Toking and Tailgating 2022

Toking and Tailgating 2022

Toking and Tailgating 2022

Welcome to September! With autumn and football season right around the corner, we’ve put together the perfect bargain bundle for toking and tailgating. This month’s deal includes three eighths and two pre-rolls from our sister business, High Minded, as well as two packs of Lost Farms live resin gummies. Read on for details about all the best bud we recommend for kicking off the season!


Three 1/8ths of High Minded

We know it’s only the beginning of the football season, but it’s never too early to pack yourself a superbowl of bud from our sister-business, High Minded Cannabis Co. Based here in Michigan, High Minded grows classic fan favorites, connoisseur-approved cultivars, and even a few specialty strains you won’t find anywhere else. Our September bundle includes three eighths of any High Minded Cannabis strain! Here are a few we’re loving right now:



Pancakes is a balanced hybrid that leans towards indica, with a creamy, nutty, berry flavor and the aroma of fresh flapjacks. Smooth and blissful, Pancakes is a versatile, soothing strain that’s perfect for hybrid lovers looking for a clear-headed, creative euphoria and head to toe relaxation. The high is a slow build, working its way through the body and mind to remedy stress, inflammation, depression, and fatigue.


Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a pungent yet refreshing flavor featuring notes of sour lemon, diesel, and pine. A descendant of OG Kush, Triangle is a potent strain with classic kush effects and a bold taste, recommended for experienced smokers. It has a gradual build and long-lasting high that will leave your body warm and sleepy as your mind ascends to a relaxed euphoria.


Two High Minded Pre-rolls

Pre-game with a pre-roll! Mix and match any two High Minded pre-rolls for this month’s bundle. They’re convenient for smoking alone or with friends, indoors or out, at kickoff or halftime. Availability may vary per store, but our current fantasy lineup includes:


Purple Guava

Purple Guava is a stress relieving 50/50 strain great for any hybrid lover looking for a sense of ease and focus. Sweet and spicy, Purple Guava combines notes of tropical fruits with a gassy, herbal quality. This bud gives you energy and motivation without anxiety, and is perfect for a mindful walk, socializing with friends, or adding a boost to your workday. 


Sour Sunset Sherbert

Sour Sunset Sherbert is a strong, indica dominant hybrid with a sweet diesel flavor and undertones of fruit and spices. Recommended for late afternoon or evening consumption, this creeping high starts off dreamy and cerebral, building into a tingly and near hypnotic state of couch-locked relaxation. Great for free-flowing philosophical conversations, gaming, or making art, Sour Sunset Sherbert is a stoney dream.


Two Packs of Lost Farms 100 mg Gummies

Lost Farms gummies are the first edibles infused with 100% strain-specific live resin which retains the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds of the original plant to deliver a bright, complex, full-spectrum edible experience. Because these gummies are made from live resin extracted from flash-frozen flower (rather than dried), they offer the Entourage Effect, which is rare in edibles. Choose any two of their three punchy flavors: pineapple, citrus spritz, and sour cherry. As a reminder, with all edibles, we recommend starting slow and low to get a sense for your tolerance.


As always, Timber Cannabis Co. donates 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to local charities or nonprofits. Each dispensary location selects where they would like to donate every month. Check in with your local Timber budtenders for information on who your dollars are supporting this September!