Packed with Potency: What You Need to Know About Infused Pre-Rolls

What to know about infused pre-rolls

Packed with Potency: What You Need to Know About Infused Pre-Rolls

What to know about infused pre-rolls

Let’s talk about infused joints!  Infused pre-rolls have been increasing in popularity the last few years, and for good reason. 

What is an infused pre-roll? An infused pre-roll, is a pre-rolled joint with some type of cannabis concentrate added to it. The concentrate can be anything – hash, kief, rosin, wax, or our favorite, live resin. Sometimes the concentrate is packed in with the ground bud, or sometimes the joint itself is rolled in concentrate.  Often, smokers will pack a joint with one strain and roll it in another strain of concentrate to experiment with different combinations. However, infusing a joint with the same strain it has inside can also offer an incredible experience. Read on to learn the benefits of infused joints!

Pre-rolled joints are the easiest way to enjoy your favorite strain.

Benefits of Infused Pre-Rolls

Are infused pre-rolls worth it? Yes! There are many positive aspects of purchasing your weed pre-rolled and infused. For starters, infused pre-rolls burn slower, so you can take your time climbing. With a slower burning J, you get a smoother, more even burn, and waste less flower. This also means more bang for your buck! 

An infused joint is the cannabis equivalent to adding an espresso shot to a cup of coffee, or getting a shot of whiskey with your beer. It supercharges the potency, amplifying the strain’s unique properties (THC included) and giving you an all around stronger high. It provides a boost of extra terpenes, potency, and euphoria, making for a truly next level experience.

Beginners beware – infused joints also hit a lot harder than your usual, so be sure to pace yourself or share with friends. The large size and power-packed potency of pre-rolls a slower burn makes them easy to share with your crew. 

Timber’s Recommended Infused Pre-Rolls

For cannasseurs, we particularly recommend pre-rolls infused with live resin of the same strain. Live resin is made from fresh or frozen cannabis flower rather than dried, which preserves many of its most crucial compounds. Live resin pre-rolls contain an extra boost of  terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and other compounds that combine synergistically to create the entourage effect, a profile that is greater than the sum of its parts. A J infused with its own live resin will have you falling in love with your favorite strain all over again.

Live resin pre-rolls  highlight the flavor and effects of the terpenes unique to each cultivar. This means strains that taste sweet are sweeter and strains that relax you bring deeper relaxation. For smokers who use cannabis medicinally, an infused joint can help with a particularly bad pain or anxiety day, bout of nausea, or night of insomnia. They amplify and enhance your cannabis experience in every way: burn, flavor, feeling, strength, duration. It’s like helping your joint become the very best version of itself. Check out a few of our faves!

Some infused pre-rolls contain concentrate inside while others, like this baby Jeeter, are rolled in kief.

Timber’s Favorite Live Resin Pre-Rolls

Fire Log makes our favorite live resin infused pre-rolls. Our strain recommendations are below:

Recommended Mini Pre-Rolls

Infusing pre-rolls with extra concentrate makes them extra potent, so a typical 1 gram joint is probably too much for one person. Jeeter makes a line of adorable little liquid diamonds-infused baby pre-rolls that come in a 5-count party pack! Their .5 g size is ideal for a solo sesh. We recommend:

You can explore these live resin pre-rolls, mini infused pre-rolls, and a variety of other infused pre-rolls at your local Timber location, or ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders for a personalized infused pre-roll recommendation.