March Bundle: All Green Everything

March Bundle All Green Everything

March Bundle: All Green Everything

March Bundle All Green Everything

As we say goodbye to Black History Month, we usher in a month full of green. Between St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, the Spring Equinox, and training for 4/20 next month, this March we are all about all green everything. What better way to face the changing of the seasons than with some fresh Spring flowers?

Of course, the greenest day of the year is St. Patrick’s Day. No disrespect to green beer, but we prefer the kind of green that won’t give you a hangover, and we’re here to help you stock up. Read on for details about what’s in the bundle and save some of that gold at the end of the rainbow. Our All Green Everything bundle is $75 and has a total savings of $21. Get yours today! 


2 – 1/8ths of Root Weaver Flower

Pure green to kick off your Spring! Pick up two eighths of Root Weaver flower to start off your bundle. Looking for something unique and ultra relaxing? Check out Pirate Cake, an exotic cross between Wedding Cake and Kush Mint. Pirate Cake is a super chill indica perfect for getting your sleep schedule back on track after Daylight Savings Time. 

If you ‘em skunky, go for Zkunkz. This bud is a hybrid with a skunky aroma that has undertones of diesel. It’s another great one for decompressing with a calm, euphoric high. 

Ztrawberriez is a fruit-forward flower with a taste that’s true to its name and its lineage. This berry bud is a hybrid that blends the best of both worlds, boasting refreshing, uplifting, and restorative effects. Strain availability may vary per store.


2 Root Weaver Pre-Rolls

One of our favorite methods of consuming green on the go is with a classic pre-roll. Easy to keep in your pocket or purse and quick to light up whenever the mood strikes, Root Weaver pre-rolls are the perfect thing for a smooth, convenient toke.

Strain availability may vary per store, but we do have a few recommendations. If you’re looking for a potent, punchy hybrid, look no further than Gelatti. This dense, kushy strain with gassy terpenes is great for OG lovers who dig a stoney haze.

Or grab Gorilla Breath – a heavy hitting hybrid for seasoned smokers. Its chocolate and diesel flavor is complemented by complex woodsy undertones. Hitting hard and fast, Gorilla Breath takes you to new heights starting with a euphoric, giggly head high that settles into a full body calm.


Choice Mints

Choice Labs Cannamints are locally made, high quality, delicious, and discreet. Freshen your breath and your mood while enjoying 5 mg of THC per mint. Choose between refreshing wintergreen or spicy cinnamon flavor and keep them handy for any time you need a pick me up. As with any edibles, we recommend starting low and slow to make sure you don’t overdo it.


Grav 12mm Taster

The Grav 12mm Taster is a standard size, super portable one-hitter that fits easily in your pocket or purse for toking on the down low. Grav designs precision instruments for consuming cannabis, specializing in glass that’s both highly functional and super sleek. The pinched mouthpiece and glass screen catch ash, giving you a smooth hit anywhere, anytime. This taster is the perfect thing for adding a little extra green to that St. Paddy’s Day parade.


Timber Lighter

With so much green to get through, we’re throwing in a Timber lighter with our March bundle. Tried and true, it’s a classic black BIC lighter with our Timber logo printed in, you guessed it,  green. Pop it in your pocket with a pre-roll and toss out those dead lighters you have lying around. Call it Spring cleaning!


As always, here at Timber, we donate 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to local charities or nonprofits. Each dispensary location selects where they would like to donate every month. Check in with your local Timber budtenders for information on who your dollars are supporting this month.