Michigan Cannabis Edibles We Love: Timber Staff Picks

Michigan Cannabis Edibles We Love: Timber Staff Picks

We had our Muskegon budtenders pick their favorite edibles to help you ease into 2021.

It’s hard to prevent 2020’s stress from bleeding into 2021. After all, the pandemic is still raging while civil unrest escalates. 

Your body and mind could probably use a break. And with the respiratory concerns linked with smoking and COVID, it might be a good time to give your lungs a break too.

Fortunately, edibles are an excellent alternative to inhalable cannabis. Michiganders have increasingly gravitated toward edibles since the pandemic started because they’re easy on the lungs and also because they offer a different cannabis experience. 

Since more of our Muskegon dispensary customers are interested in edibles, we thought it’d be helpful to have our budtenders pick their current favorites. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Sasha – Short’s Brewery Soft Parade by Jolly Edibles

“I started with a Soft Parade microdose. It hit faster than most gummies, but I was able to achieve a nice buzz that allowed me to vibe out without feeling intoxicated.”

2. Craig – Dixie Tropic Twist

“I love the flavorful taste of Tropic Twist! The extended high was mellow, and the packaging is easy to open, but it still keeps Dixie’s gummies fresh.”

3. Bri – Wana Blueberry Indica Gummies

“Wana’s Blueberry Indica gummies left me feeling euphoric, and I didn’t’ want the feeling to end. The gummies have a pleasant aftertaste that matched the effects. Wana expertly indicates each strain: blueberry is indica, mango is sativa, and watermelon is hybrid. I don’t always do edibles, but when I do, I take Wana!”

4. Kaleigh – Dark Cherry Midnight Bar

“The sweet and delicious Dark Cherry Midnight Bar melts in my mouth and benefits from its atypical cannabis flavor. The relaxing high left me feeling couch-locked, which was perfect for a day off. I only needed one piece to extend the effects of flower.”

5. Kristen – Motor City Sour Drops

“Sour Drops are some of the best gummies I’ve consumed. They’re the perfect entry edible for new Michigan dispensary customers. The 5 MG dosage makes microdosing easy, and the flavor burst reminds me of the candies I’d eat as a kid!”


6. Dwan – Monster Medibles White Strawberry Banana

“Monster Medibles White Strawberry Banana gummies are incredibly delicious with no cannabis taste, and they come in a pack of two 50 MG pieces – but the effect felt much stronger! These gummies left me super relaxed with a chill body high, but I didn’t get a crazy head buzz. These gummies even gave me the giggles!”

7. Brandy – Fwaygo Frozen Cherry Slushy Indica

“The flavor of Fwaygo’s Frozen Cherry Slushy Indica gummies is spot-on and actually tastes like a frozen cherry slushy. They’re great to eat before bed and helped me fall asleep without the aid of any other medications.”

8. Jeff – Sea Salt Caramel Terra Bites by Kiva

“The smooth, sweet, and salty taste of Kiva’s Sea Salt Caramel Terra Bites were fantastic, with little cannabis flavor. These edibles taste amazing frozen, and the small dosage compliments and extends the high from flower (if you choose to consume both ways) Plus, the packaging is small and discreet for easy transport.

Staying safe at home doesn’t have to be a drag—Start 2021 off right with our selection of premium cannabis edibles (and our other products). 

Swing by our Muskegon, MI dispensary and ask our exceptional budtenders for their favorite edibles.

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