Thankful for Weed

Thankful for Weed November Bundle

Thankful for Weed

Thankful for Weed

This November, we are giving thanks for weed and its many uses, benefits, and variations. This month’s product bundle includes a variety of goodies showcasing all of the wonderful ways to partake in cannabis consumption. Build your bundle through Dutchie then pick it up at your local Timber location to save $30! Whether you’re spending the month relaxing, traveling, decorating, or feasting, this bundle is sure to leave you feeling glazed and grateful.

Here’s what our amazing budtenders are most thankful for this month:

1/8th Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies is a rare sativa dominant hybrid with a tangy herbal citrus flavor. The 70/30 ratio of sativa to indica provides a mind and body high that gives you a burst of energy, motivation, and creativity. A couple hits of Mandarin Cookies will relax your body without leaving you glued to the couch, and will give you an inspired, euphoric head high without negative or racing thoughts. It’s perfect for checking things off your holiday to do list or combatting headaches or seasonal depression. 

Michigrown Gello Pre-roll

Gello is an indica-forward hybrid that produces a euphoric yet mellow high. This convenient pre-roll is perfect for smoking with the cool cousins at a family gathering before dessert, or whenever you need a moment of calm. Gello leaves you feeling the way any good Thanksgiving meal should – happy, relaxed, sleepy, satisfied, and thankful.

Fresh Coast Cart

Fresh Coast’s Live Resin cartridges use single source terpenes derived from cannabis without cutting agents – so you’ll get a refined, full-spectrum resin that’s true to the flower it comes from. Aromatic and highly potent, with Fresh Coast carts you can taste and feel the flower in the concentrate, creating a truly unique sensory experience. We’re thankful for the convenience and ease of vaping. Fresh Coast Live Resin cartridges are perfect for taking the edge off a political conversation at dinner or for making that second slice of pumpkin pie even more satisfying.

Choice Chews

Tasty, potent, and discreet, Choice Chews are made from scratch by a local Michigan company. Choose from a variety of sweet or sour fruit flavors, and your choice of indica, sativa, or hybrid chews for the perfect dairy-free, fat-free, and gluten-free gummies. Each pack comes with 100mg worth of chews, and is infused with the highest quality THC distillate to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. As with any edibles, we recommend starting slow and low, although Choice Chews are considered to be fast-acting, with the average onset 30 to 45 minutes after eating.


Timber Cannabis Co. was founded in 2019 to bring quality cannabis to Michigan. We are thankful for cannabis, for our staff, and most of all, for our customers. In addition to giving thanks, we give back. Each month we donate 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to a local charity or nonprofit organization. Each provisioning center location selects where they would like to donate, so be sure to check in with your local budtenders to find out who your dollars are supporting this November.


Good deal. Good weed. Good for the community. Pick up a Timber November Bundle at any of our locations, and give thanks for weed!