The Ten Products Timber Budtender’s Love Right Now

The Ten Products Timber Budtender’s Love Right Now

Here are ten products curated by our Muskegon dispensary budtenders to help you get through this unusually challenging holiday season.

This year’s holiday season is unlike any other. It’s a perfect storm of anxiety when the usual holiday stress meets the global pandemic. 

And 2020’s psychological challenges are apparent in current mental health statistics.

According to Mental Health America, nearly 45 million American adults are experiencing mental health issues, and of the 45 million, 4.38% are experiencing severe mental health illnesses. 

Today, we see nationwide spikes in depression, anxiety, and loneliness, and it’s easy to understand the reasons: we’re social creatures, and social distancing has everyone feeling down. 

But weed helps, and it’s a healthier alternative to alcohol that won’t leave you with a hangover tomorrow. 

The ten products in this blog are hand-selected by our Muskegon dispensary budtenders. They’ll help you get through the holiday season and the rest of 2020 (and beyond) without losing your peace of mind.

1. Brandy: Dixie Tropic Twist Gummies

“I love Dixie’s Tropic Twist gummies because they give the perfect body high and erase the day’s stress.”

2. Kaleigh: High Life Farms, Sundae Driver

“Sundae Driver gives more of a body high than a heady psychoactive effect, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s a perfectly balanced high that helps you chill out.”

3. Bri: Exotic Matter Zen Cookie


“Zen Cookie is an excellent strain for relaxation – it leaves you feeling couch-locked, but the high is incredible.”

4. Craig: Terpene Tanks Blueberry Yum Yum Maxx Pod


“Blueberry Yum Yum is delicious. A lot of Timber’s staff agrees it’s the best tasting vape they’ve come across. It gives more of a psychoactive head high than full-body effects, but it’s balanced and won’t put you to sleep so you can vape throughout the day.” 

5. Dwan: Pleasantrees Tiki Rain


“Tiki Rain is a great afternoon smoke for someone who isn’t looking for the biggest buzz. It’s also perfect for people who are smoking on-the-go. If you’re into lower THC percentages, Tiki Rain is for you. It’s one smooth smoke.”

6. Kristen: Fwaygo Super Sour Berry


“I was lethargic and not in the best mood on the day I first experienced Super Sour Berry. But after consuming, I was in a great mood. Super Sour Berry provides a balanced high – it’s not an intense body or head high; it sits squarely in the middle. It’s considered a Sativa, but it gives a subtle boost, nothing too intense. I felt mentally clear and in control. I always suggest Fwaygo’s Super Sour Berry to customers looking for something mild, but with a high that makes you giggle.”

7. Bri: Healing Organic Garden’s Motorbreath


“Motorbreath, to me, has a gas flavor with pleasant citrus hints. The high left me intensely couch-locked. It was chill, but I certainly noticed the strain’s “dream” effects. It also put me to sleep after about an hour of couch-locked relaxation, and before I knew it, I rose from my flower-induced coma feeling refreshed.”

8. Sasha: Choice Cinnamon Breath Spray


“Choice Cinnamon Breath Spray is considered an indica-leaning product, and it lived up to those characteristics. The spray chilled me out and put me in the mood for restful sleep. Because it’s sublingual, it hits your system quickly and almost instantly makes you feel relaxed. I also love that the product is discreet and can be easily concealed in a purse or bag.”

9. Craig: Element Extractions Strawberry OG Pure Live Cartridge


“There aren’t many real live resin cartridges on the market, but Element’s Pure Live carts check every box. The taste is great, and the high is incredibly clean and airy. I can still get the day’s tasks done while consuming Strawberry OG Pure; it’s become my vaping go-to.”

10. Landus: Detroit Fudge Company Brownie


“The taste of this brownie is on-point. It tastes so good that you need to be careful not to eat the entire brownie in one sitting. I like to eat a little before  going to bed, and I quickly drift off for a night of uninterrupted sleep and never wakeup feely foggy.”

Bonus Product:

Jeff: Helping Friendly Salve, Orange Lavie

“My hands get cracked and dried during winter’s coldest months, and most hand lotions leave a gross film, smell horrid, or don’t do the trick. The Helping Friendly Salve not only works great and smells incredible, but it also works immediately. I’ll buy this product for life!”

2020 is a challenging year for all of us, but 2021 is around the corner, and we’re keeping a positive outlook. If nothing else, we can count on cannabis to keep us feeling chill – and for that, we’re grateful. 

Drop by our Muskegon, Michigan dispensary and ask your budtender for their favorite picks of the year.

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