3 Ways to Know When Your Vape Cart is Empty

3 Ways to Know When Your Vape Cart is Empty


We’re big fans of vapes here at Timber. They come in so many styles and flavors, and you can’t beat the convenience! However, one thing that can be tricky is identifying whether or not a vape cartridge is fully empty or not. We want you to get the most out of your marijuana, so here’s how to make sure no THC is left behind!


First of all, if your vape isn’t working, double check that it is charged and the battery is functional. Second, make sure it isn’t clogged! Clogs happen, so if your vape isn’t working properly, it’s a good place to start. To clear one, you can use air pressure or heat, or try to poke it out. Try sucking the pen to clear the clog. Pro-tip: If you get a bit of distillate in your mouth and are feeling adventurous, let it dissolve under your tongue for a more intense high. You can also gently heat the vape with a hair dryer or space heater to melt the clog back into liquid distillate. Lastly, you can poke or scoop out a clog with a needle, safety pin, or paper clip. This method is not ideal as it may be both sticky and wasteful!


What should you do if there’s no clog and it still isn’t working? Read on for information on how to know for sure if your cart is empty.


Visual Cues

This may seem obvious, but as fellow stoners, we like to cover all our bases just in case anyone gets too blazed to remember. We get it! Fortunately, most cartridges and disposable vapes have some sort of window where you can check the oil levels. If you can not see any more oil or distillate, even in the corners and around the edges, then chances are there simply isn’t any. Some vapes also have lights to indicate issues like a low battery or low oil. Pay attention to a change in color or flashing light as this often indicates a problem.

Burning Smell or Taste

Another way to know if your cart is ready to refill or retire is if it begins to taste or smell burnt or charred. When you are out of oil, the heat of the vape starts to burn the wick directly instead. Wicks are typically made of cotton, so as it burns, you may get more smoke than vapor. If a hit feels dry in your mouth, that can also be a sign the cart has run out.

No Vapor + Losing Flavor

One telltale sign that it’s time to replace your vape cartridge is simply that it stops producing vapor. Unless your vape is clogged, thin vapor or less vapor tend to mean that you’re running low on juice. Similarly, if the flavor or smell of the vapor gets weaker, it’s time for a new cart. Any noticeable deterioration is a sign to restock!

If you use a refillable cart and suspect it may be empty, we recommend that you either refill or stop vaping immediately. Vaping an empty reusable cart can ruin it! If you have questions about vape maintenance or need a custom recommendation for a cart, stop by your local Timber Cannabis Co. Provisioning Center for a chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders!