What’s In My Vape?

What’s In My Vape?


There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy weed and one of the most popular is vaping. Vapes are convenient, discreet, potent, and fit in your pocket. Vaping means you’re inhaling vapor, not smoke, which can offer a purer, and more distinct flavor profile because the terpenes are not burned away. Because of this, what’s in your vape cart can really impact how you experience your high. Vapes come in three main types: distillate, live resin, and live rosin. Each has their own unique benefits and properties.

The extract most commonly used in vape cartridges is THC distillate. Distillate is weed extract with all of the other compounds stripped from the oil to isolate one cannabinoid, such as CBD or THC. It is made from cannabis flowers that have been dried and cured. Typically a solvent is then used to extract THC, or the preferred cannabinoid, from the flower, before decarboxylating (heating) the extract into oil. Next, the crude oil is distilled, singling out pure THC and turning it into a potent, clear liquid. Some vape manufacturers add terpenes back into the distillate in order to reintroduce some of the original strain’s unique aromas, flavors, and benefits. Vape carts containing distillate are great for those looking for a CBD or THC specific hit, or an affordable, straightforward vaping option.

Live resin is another extract that is increasingly used in vapes. Made from fresh or flash-frozen cannabis rather than dried, the bud is harvested and processed at its peak. Live resin is then extracted and heated, turning it into a sticky, dark yellow substance with much of the flavor and effects from the original flower. Live resin is considered full spectrum as it retains terpenes, flavonoids, and other properties that contribute to the entourage effect and overall experience. For this reason, live resin is considered to be more premium extract than distillate. It also often produces a more complex, longer-lasting high than THC distillate.

Live rosin, confusingly only one letter away from live resin, is the next step up the ladder. Among the three, live rosin is the most true-to-flower of the vape oil options.

Live rosin is rare and increasing in popularity. It is made by applying heat and pressure to weed, hash, or kief. Live rosin keeps only the best of features of the flower, and therefore produces much smaller yields than distillate and live resin. Live rosin vapes have much more depth and dimension than other vapes full of live resin or distillate, and are made without any solvents, making them highly sought after for their purity. This means it is often more expensive and harder to find.

At Timber, we have a large selection of vape carts and disposable vapes for every preference and every budget. Distillate is affordable, potent, and purified, while live resin and rosin provide a more well-rounded and nuanced cannabis experience. Stop by your local Timber Cannabis Co. to explore our premium selection of vapes, or to get a custom recommendation from our knowledgeable budtenders!