Get Holiblazed with our December Bundle

Timber's December Bundle

Get Holiblazed with our December Bundle

Timber's December Bundle


Merry Cannamas to all those who celebrate! This December, we are offering an extra festive bundle, with strain options customized for each community. Our expert budtenders at Muskegon and Allegan have selected special strains for each store to help you celebrate the season! Build your bundle through Dutchie then pick it up at your local Timber provisioning center to save big on the best kind of Christmas trees. Whether you’re headed home for some family time, gathering with friends, or just taking some time to get cozy at home, our December bundle has everything you need for a happy holidaze and is sure to keep you feeling merry all month long.


Here’s what our special holiday bundle includes:


2 1/8ths of Flower

Choose an eighth each of any two strains to keep your fire lit this winter. Whether you need to focus on marathon gift-wrapping, relax around family, or combat seasonal depression, we’ve got you covered. All of our flower is high quality and versatile, ready to be packed into a bowl, a bong, a brownie, or all three!


This month’s Allegan strains are:


Slurricane is a flavorful and potent indica dominant hybrid that provides a creeping and euphoric high, settling into a couch lock with deep relaxation.


Whales Cut GG4

The award-winning GG4 is an intense indica-forward hybrid that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you stoney, happy, and glued to your seat. 


Candy Purps

Sweet and smooth, Candy Purps is a juicy hybrid that produces a calm yet energetic, clear minded, happy, body-centered high.



Ztrawberriez is an uplifting indica dominant hybrid with a sweet fruity flavor and aroma. It’s calm and euphoric, with a slow onset full body high.


This month’s Muskegon strains are:

Lemon Berry

Lemon Berry is a citrusy sativa dominant strain that boosts focus and creativity before settling into a calm body high.


Citral Glue

Citral Glue is a sativa popular for its clear head high and subtle body relaxation. It’s great for energetic focus during the day, and may cause munchies.


Rainbow Gelato

Rainbow Gelato is a balanced hybrid that leans slightly indica with a fruity, creamy flavor that results in a groovy, happy, relaxing high.



Ztrawberriez is an uplifting indica dominant hybrid with a sweet fruity flavor and aroma. It’s calm and euphoric, with a slow onset full body high.



At Allegan, our monthly bundle includes the perfect 1g house pre-roll, hand-selected, ground, and rolled by our talented team of budtenders.


Muskegon is offering the Exotic Matter Push Pop Sherb Pre-Roll. This bud has a citrusy chem flavor and a balanced high that’s equal parts relaxing, giggly, and euphoric.


Our pre-rolls are a potent and convenient way to keep your holiday spirits high. They’re perfect for sharing with siblings or your hometown friends as you relax by the fire.


Choice Chews

Local, potent, and delicious, Choice Chews are made from scratch and infused with the highest quality THC distillate to help you celebrate the season. Choose your favorite from our variety of sweet and sour fruit flavors, as well as your choice of indica, sativa, or hybrid chews. Choice Chews are discreet and fast acting, with the average onset starting less than 45 minutes after eating. They’re great to toss in your bag when heading home for the holidays, or for a relaxing day of hanging out with a cup of cocoa and watching the snow fall.


Timber Christmas Ornament

Our December bundle also includes an exclusive Timber Christmas ornament! This limited edition wooden ornament features our logo on a cute snowflake for a charming addition to your Christmas tree.


As always, the best gift we could receive this season is the gift of giving back. Each month we donate 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to a local charity or nonprofit organization. Each dispensary location selects where they would like to donate every month. This December, both our Allegan and Muskegon teams have chosen to donate to local nonprofits working to provide food security in their communities so that no one goes hungry for the holidays. Stop by today to build your bundle and spread some holiday cheer.