It’s 4:20 Somewhere April Bundle

It’s 4:20 Somewhere April Bundle

It’s 4:20 Somewhere

Welcome to April! Spring has sprung, Easter is coming, and Earth Day has got us thinking about how to be more (and smoke more) green. But the true reason for the season is the celebration of international stoner day: 4/20. We celebrate cannabis every day, but there’s nothing like lighting up at 4:20 on 4/20, knowing you’re sharing good vibes with other people all around the planet. While the date 4/20 only happens once a year, the clock hits 4:20 twice a day. So whether you’re celebrating all month long or stocking up for a major one-day celebration, our April savings bundle has everything you need to blaze with the best of them. It’s always 4:20 somewhere.

3 High Minded 1/8ths

The word April comes from the Latin word aperire, meaning ‘to open, like a bud.’ We’re opening up some bud from our sister business, High Minded Cannabis Co. This local flower is cultivated with care and precision to give you the best high, whatever your vibe. Pick any three of the strains below:

Motorbreath – Potent and skunky, Motorbreath is an indica-heavy hybrid perfect for OG lovers and experienced smokers looking for a hard-hitting, fuel-forward high.

Brawband – This spicy, lemon-forward hybrid leans toward indica and balances powerful body effects with an upbeat mood lifting quality for a happy, sleepy high.

Future Haze – This sativa-heavy hybrid is activating and uplifting, perfect for creative and social situations and those who like an earthy citrus flavor.

Cookies n Cream -This creamy and balanced award-winning hybrid hits both head and body, but keeps you balanced, without couchlock or paranoia.

Tenzin Kush – Tenzin Kush is a highly sought after indica, with a gassy aroma and cool grape exhale, resulting in a dreamy, euphoric high.

Rittlez – Rittlez is a rare cross between powerhouse parents, Rozay and Zkittlez. True to its name, it has creamy floral candy notes with a chill, deeply relaxing high perfect for unwinding.

Zookies – This sweet and balanced indica-dominant hybrid is anti-inflammatory and perfect for relieving stress while getting things done, providing a creative, level-headed high.

2 House Pre-rolls

Oh no! It’s 4:19 and you haven’t even ground any flower, or changed your bong water in way too long. No worries, you have a pre-roll ready to go. For those moments when you need a hit but can’t be bothered to roll your own or pack a bowl, our house pre-rolls are the way to go. They’re great for trying out a new strain without purchasing an eighth, puffing and passing with friends, or lighting up on the fly so you don’t miss that crucial 4:20 minute. Carefully selected, lovingly ground, and meticulously rolled by our talented budtenders, our pre-rolls are sure to satisfy in the same way a sandwich just tastes better when someone else makes it for you.

1 Fresh Coast 100mg pack of gummies

Also included in our April bundle is a 100 mg pack of Fresh Coast gummies. These gluten free, vegan friendly gummies come in a variety of fruit flavors with 10 x 10 mg gummies per pack. They’re discrete, delicious, and pre-portioned – everything you want in an edible. Plus, Fresh Coast products are packaged in recycled hemp paper, dyed with organic ingredients, and avoid using plastic as much as possible. It’s a win/win for celebrating both 4/20 and Earth Day.

Timber Lighter

What’s a stoner without a lighter? For this month’s bundle, we’re throwing in a Timber Lighter, because you can never have too many. It’s a classic BIC with our Timber logo, the perfect addition to your collection. 

As always, Timber Cannabis Co. donates 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to local charities or nonprofits. Each dispensary location selects where they would like to donate every month. Check in with your local Timber budtenders for information on who your dollars are supporting this month. Happy 4/20!