Pride and Cannabis

Pride and Cannabis

June is Pride Month, and we’re celebrating all month long with our Pride bundle and Timber Pride shirts! The LGBTQIA+ and cannabis movements have a shared history of marginalization and stigmatization across the United States and beyond. Both have long fought for respect and legal recognition. In fact, many credit the queer community for being instrumental in the legalization of medicinal cannabis. During the HIV/AIDS epidemic, it was LGBTQIA+ activists who pushed for cannabis legalization, pushing people to recognize its many medicinal and therapeutic benefits for chronically and terminally ill patients. This work eventually led to Proposition 215, which legalized cannabis use in the state of California in 1996. Many other states followed suit, including Michigan, which legalized medical marijuana in 2008, and recreational cannabis in 2018. This June, we remember and celebrate our LGBTQIA+ friends and their many contributions to our industry. Read on for details on our Pride Month bundle!

3 High Minded 1/8ths

Surely by now, you’ve heard of our sister business, High Minded Cannabis Co. Locally based and cultivated with care, their skilled team of experts uses precision farming to produce some of the best quality bud in the Midwest. High Minded has a variety of strains with something for everyone! A few of our favorites this month include:

Triangle Larry: Triangle Larry is a soothing indica with notes of citrus, pine, and pepper. Great for helping with pain management, insomnia, or depression, this bud is heavy on relaxation, producing a tingly mind and body high that will quickly have you melting into a deep, blissful state of serenity.

Pancakes: Pancakes is a balanced hybrid that leans towards indica, with a creamy, nutty, berry flavor and the aroma of fresh flapjacks. Smooth and blissful, Pancakes is a versatile, soothing strain that’s perfect for hybrid lovers looking for a clear-headed, creative euphoria and head to toe relaxation. The high is a slow build, working its way through the body and mind to remedy stress, inflammation, depression, and fatigue.

Tiny Bomb: Tiny Bomb is an extremely rare, sativa-heavy hybrid with a distinctive sour fruit flavor. The tangy smoke creeps up on you, starting with an upbeat high that builds into an intense rush of energy, euphoria, and motivation. The aftermath of the rush relaxes you into a lazy, hungry haze as you come down. Tiny Bomb is perfect for getting chores or errands done before relaxing into the couch with a snack.

1 pack of Wyld Gummies

Also included in our Pride bundle is a pack of Wyld Gummies! Wyld Gummies are new to Timber, and we are so excited to share them with you. The gummies are made with real fruit, high quality cannabis extract, and botanical terpenes to give you the best high, every time. Wyld Gummies come in a variety of delicious fruit flavors, as well as indica, sativa, and hybrid. Stash a few in your pocket or purse to keep them handy for anytime you need a little lift.

1 House Pre-roll

We roll it, you smoke it. Carefully selected and rolled with care by our talented budtenders, you can never go wrong with our house pre-rolls. They are perfect for smoking on the go, sharing with friends, or for trying a new strain out before committing to a full eighth. Availability may vary per store, but the quality and convenience never will. 

1 Color Changing Timber Cup

This month’s bundle also includes a very fun Color Changing Timber Cup! These colorful thermochromic cups change color when filled with cold liquid – sort of like a mood ring for your drink. They’re summery, fun, and perfect for helping you stay hydrated as the weather heats up!

As always, Timber Cannabis Co. donates 10% of our monthly bundle proceeds to local charities or nonprofits. Each dispensary location selects where they would like to donate every month. Check in with your local Timber budtenders for information on who your dollars are supporting for Pride Month!